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The Ellis Family - 2018

Photo Gallery


Grandson Davis visits Greer & granddaughter Lily
Grandson Davis visits the vineyard 8/09 Greer & Granddaughter Lily visit the vineyard 9/09
Dick with grandsons Ryder helping load barrels
Dick with grandsons 11/27/08 Ryder "helping" load barrels 9/11/08
Wendy & Ryder in the vineyard   Peggy, Adam & Brendan
Wendy & Ryder in the vineyard 9/13/08   Peggy, Adam & Brendan helping 9/13/08
Grandson Brendan   Ryder at thanksgiving
Grandson Brendan visits the vineyard 4/2007   Grandson Ryder at his first pressing 11/06
New Year with good friends   gallery photo
Happy New Year with good friends   Arni, Nancy, Aunt Margie, & Amanda 8/06
Pinot Gris Grapes Loaded  
Pinot Gris grapes loaded up 9/06   Adam preparing to mow 8/06
Good Friends from New Mexico 9/06   Ronnee & Paul 10/05
Hedging the vines 8/06   Thomas Vesely 2/05
Pat at harvest 10/05   Grandson Ryder visits the vineyard 5/06
Pickers at harvest   Dick & Ted loading end posts 2/06
Bins loaded on truck 10/05   Adam & Peggy 8/05
Loder's visit 9/04   Rachael's Tempranillo Crush 9/04
Ted on the ATV 9/04   Jeannie & Pat 8/04
Adam, Dick, Don & Scott 3/04   Adam & Pete 10/03
Pete & Wendy 10/03   Boyds help moving in 8/03


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